Education / Tours

The Foundation’s education and travel programs are for both students and adults. We gladly provide resources for educators in our region.

We host and lead history tours to battlefields and historic sites in Normandy, Verdun, France and in the United States mid-Atlantic region. There are typically three tours to France covering World War One and D-Day, and one or two US based tours following American Revolution or Civil War campaign history.

Our volunteers present and exhibit at state-sponsored teacher workshops each year and we plan to also host one local workshop each year. These highlight the teacher resources we have and how our shared history as Virginians can be used to fulfill nearly all of Virginia’s Standards Of Learning in social studies.  We provide artifacts and source materials for teachers to use in the class room to enhance lessons. Each year we host several college students as interns working towards credit in their history degree programs.

We also travel to provide lectures and program support, or host community groups in the museum, such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Scouts, Trail Life, Home-schoolers and DAR/SAR chapters to tell the story of selfless service thru the history of our Citizen Soldiers.