Educator Resources

Our goals for Educator Resources are to:

Provide meaningful workshops for teachers in our region that will be free to attend and CE credit eligible.

Provide or assist with lesson plans and/or instructional materials that fulfill all VA social studies SOLs using our local history and people.

Bring the museum into your classroom! We can tailor a “traveling footlocker” to your outcomes and let you use the collections. We can also come to you as guest presenters with multimedia displays and artifacts to expand your class room experience for free!

Bring your class to the museum! Mondays are perfect days to have the museum to yourselves. We can provide lectures, multimedia displays, activities and artifacts to enhance your visit for free!

We also provide home-school parents and associations with the same opportunities listed above.

The graphic above shows our History on the left and the VA SOL subject areas that the history can apply to on the right. Click on the graphic for a full-screen view.

If you can help us with these goals please contact us! 540-248-0116