Nonprofits need People Too!

We are excited that we have endless opportunities in our future to remember and share with the world the stories of our Citizen Soldiers and their contributions on our behalf. The education programs and events, websites, facilities, utilities, insurance and minimum staff, etc. required to make it all happen do have a real cost; but funding is not the only thing, and not always the most important resource, required to give life to our efforts.

People! We always need people in the form of volunteers to make it work! Since we have so many different programs and projects happening there is a place for anyone to help, don’t sell yourself short.

We need champions and advocates: Go tell your community, clubs and friends about who we are and what we do. Invite them to visit us or attend an event and send their friends too. Help spread the word and connect us with more people and those who may want to support us.

We need Historians and Educators for programs and events: Maybe you can give a lecture one evening? Maybe you are an educator who can connect us to schools or help build our school programs? Consider serving on our education team.

We need help in the Museum: We are always looking for folks who can open and close the Museum one (or more) day(s) a month, usually a Friday or Saturday. We provide all the training you may need, its low stress, easy to learn, fun, and you meet a lot of great people who visit the Museum.

We need help with Collections, Archives and Library: Maybe you fit here? We need help sorting, labeling, cataloging and storing the artifacts, documents and books that get donated every week it seems. We can use you for any time you can give and we will show you how it all works!

We need handy-men help: Building exhibits, remodeling galleries, repairing the facility, keeping things clean and running with general maintenance might be your fit. We can use you!

Contact us and we will figure out how we can use your time, talent and support where you would fit best!